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It need not always be new! 

There are a lot of advantages and many reasons why to decide for used industrial packaging equipment and machinery: 

  • usually technically less complex
  • easier maintenance/service
  • often more flexible
  • experience on reliability
  • usually written-off asset, hence economic

INTER ACTIO knows the branch of metal packaging in Russia and the CIS countries and in West Europe. And we know specifics and requirements. Numerous projects on used equipment have already been realized. Including modernizations and overhaul.

You are looking for an extension of your machinery? Or do you want to separate from depreciated machinery? Talk to us. We will meet ends and find serious solutions.  

Examples of projects:

2005, Russia, Soudronic / Leifeld drum manufacturingdrum manufacturing

2012 Russia, Reconditioned Welding MachineReconditioned Welding Machine