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INTER ACTIO provides industrial painting plants.

Drum varnishingIn collaboration with leading Western European system suppliers, INTER ACTIO provides paint systems and application technology. From simple paint booth, up to complex and fully automated turnkey painting plants (eg. for the packaging industry).

The spectrum encompasses the entire range of necessary equipment consisting of:

  • Automatic 2 Colour VarnishingConveying / Automation Technology
  • paint booth
  • Ventilation and filtration equipment (wet / dry)
  • Application technology (low pressure, airless, electrostatic, powder coating)
  • evaporation zones
  • drying oven
  • air purification
  • control technology

Drying OvenIn addition to the traditional parameters such as the intended use, media to be applied and capacity, we also consider the infrastructure of the customer when selecting the right equipment. INTER ACTIO knows the peculiarities of a metal packaging production company. This knowledge is incorporated into project planning as well.